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Copper Coated Iron Powder

Copper coated iron powder
Product Name Copper Coated Iron Powder
Execution Standard Company Powder
Main Technical Indexes (indicated by %)
Specifications Apparent Density Size Distribution Flow rate
Model Fe Cu -100 -200 -325 s\50g
XFeCuSn18 Allowance 8.5-10.5 2.2-2.5 45-60 20-35 5–20 <=40
XFeCuSn20 Allowance 15.5-18.5 2.2-2.5 45-60 20-35 5–20 <=40
Character : Rose red alloyed powder of irregular shape. it owns some characteristics of copper and iron such as high intensity,ductility,good abrasion and high-temperature resistance. Undissolved in water
Use : Mainly used in oil-retaining bearing,diamond tools ,friction material.
Storage : At dry and ventilated places , preventing damps and rains
Packaging : 25kg/bag knitted bag,inside plastic sealed package,or according to the requirements of customers.