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Cobalt Metal Powder-Extrafine


Superfine Spheroidal and rod shape Cobalt Powder With Narrow Particle Distribution can be used for Hardmetal industries & Diamond Tool applications.

Technical Data Sheet  Morphology :
Chemical Analysis :  CobaltExtraFineMorph
Elements Unit EF Grade Testing Method
Co % 99.80 Min
(Excluding Oxygen)
O % 0.50 AAS
C % 0.03 AAS
Ni ppm 30 AAS
Cu ppm 20 AAS
Fe ppm 50 AAS
Ca ppm 50 AAS
Mg ppm 40 AAS
Pb ppm 50 AAS
Zn ppm 20 AAS
Cd ppm 20 AAS
Mn ppm 20 AAS
Na ppm 50 AAS Temperature Vs Hardness Table
AI ppm 30 AAS for Extrafine Grade Cobalt Powder:
Li ppm 10 Leco Temperature Centigrade Hardness HRB
Cr ppm 50 AAS 650 97
Si ppm 50 AAS 750  99 to 100
S ppm 50 Leco 800 101 to 102
Grain Size μ  1.1 to 1.50 FSSS 850 103 to 106
D5O μ 10 Laser Particle
900 107
AD g/cm3 0.90 to 1.3 CARNEYS 950 106

Main Applications:

1. Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools
(Hard Metal Industries)
2. Diamond Tool Industries
3. Metal Injection Moulding
4. Powder Metallurgy
5. Electronic Industries

-  Consistent Quality
-  Stable hardness in wide range of hot
pressing Temperature
-  No reactivity towards Diamond while sintering
-  Availability in convenient vacuum packing

Hot Pressing Characteristics for
Diamond Tool applications :
Pressure :    350 kg/Cm Sq.
Time :    5 Mins.
Atmosphere :    Air

Packing :

25  to 50kgs : Metal Drums with inner Silver
foil  Vacuum packed bags
1 kg to 5 kgs : Silver foil packing with inner
LDPE bag vacuum packed.

Material Safety Data Sheet & COA will be
provided with each supply.